Some Team members in the past years



Daniel Kaiser (BBSR – Projekt: Bewässerte Gründächer) (left), Manfred Köhler (middle),
Claire Diebel (right): Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, project „up farming“.

Claire Diebel explains her Upfarming project.
The impression of teaching biodiversity to the students; by Kelly in October 2013.
Team member tour to the Garden exhibition in Prenzlau to learn more about irrigation systems; with (left to right: Daniel, Cristian, Yair, Manfred).



Christian Rares Nistor (on the left side on the picture), is responsible for the project: „Living Walls“; supported by “Zukunft Bauen”, BBSR;
since December 2012 for 2 years. Daniel Kaiser; Ms. sc. (on the right-hand side):
After the successful finalization of his master thesis “Vertical indoor greening systems” in May 2013, he is now an employee in the project:
Green roofs and Rainwater management; by PTJ Jülich; INIS – Verbundproject: Konzepte for urban Rainwater management and sewer systems, Teilvorhaben 8.” Coordinated by “Kompetenzzentrum Water Berlin”.
This project has begun in June 2013, duration of 3 years.
Dr. Kelly Ksiazek, Fullbright fellow from Chicago,

Theme: Pollination, biodiversity and green roof plant development, (2013,2014)

Kolja Klaue (for many years), scientist; responsible for all software configuration to let the data collection all around the year.
Marco Schmidt: Cooperation since the beginning in the mid 1980th. Several projects and publication together; like the “Building of Physics – Berlin Adlershof; see: here
Marco Schmidt is the specialist in green roof data collection and processing and many questions about the rainwater management in Cities.




University of Applied Sciences Wismar:
– Civil engineering, Prof. Dr. W. Malorny