Homebase: University of Applied Sciences, Neubrandenburg. Several research facilities on the campus buildings. Two Green roofs with about 1000 m² green roof size each, fully equipped climate research laboratory on the roof. Instruments for rain water calculation. Back yard greening area with test installation on Living walls.

– Berlin: Paul – Lincke Ufer; an approximately 100 year old housing block with two central courtyards. During renovation in 1984, it was the first eco-project with a green roof monitoring program. It includes 10 sub-roofs with different slope examples.

– Berlin: Ufa-fabric; a cultural centre and former centre of the German film industry (Ufa-film production area in the 1930’s): Most of the green roofs were constructed as a result of a grass root movement of the local citizens in the mid 1980’s. Scientific green roof research has continued since 1994. more.

– Physikgebäude Berlin Adlershof; Humboldt University; Institute for Physics building; Green roofs and green facades have been monitored since 2002. Research is focused on the storm water management, which is mostly by the vegetation of the facades.