Welcome to the Greenroof-center Neubrandenburg

University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Manfred Koehler and his team

Research, case studies about Green infrastructure:
– Green facades/Living walls (Biodiversity, Rainwater management, urban heat island effects).
– Indoor greening
– and related technologies.

What can we do for you? What is your special interest?
-News about green building technology? Overview of the benefits of green infrastructure? Have a look at the list of publications.
-You are looking for cooperation/personal presentation/consultation, please contact via  Koehler at hs-nb.de
-International cooperation – great! Make a contact via email Koehler at hs-nb.de and let me know the details.

„Post“-Corona Information, August 2020:

World Green Infrastructure Congress 2020 Berlin is postponed to September 28th to 30th 2021.

2020: WGIN Annual General Meeting was held as Skype talk on the 14th of June 2020.
– Next public presentation about Greening buildings will be held on the 9th of October, in Aachen, organized by Mr. HD Collinet.

Team information:
-PDH Fellow Ms. Ensiyeh Farrokhirad from Iran /a fellow of the Univ. in Napoli worked about Living walls in Neubrandenburg from November 2019 to July 2020. Topic: Living walls in dry arid areas.

Buka fellow (Alexander v. Humboldt Foundation) Ms. Jerome Shilfa will join our Green roof institute in Neubrandenburg from September 2020 to September 2021, working topic: LCA of Living walls.

Manfred Koehler’s membership: visit for more details:
BUGG, (working groups and contact person to EFB and WGIN).
EFB (European Federation of Green Roof Association)
FLL (several guideline working groups)
WGIN (President, since 2007 re-elected in June 2020)


Some impressions from last year’s Geen roof in Neubrandenburg. Breeding duck rescue from the Green roof by the brave students. This duck used the green roof for breeding now in the 4th year.


WGIN Book number 1: Green roofs around the world, presented in Madrid on April 3rd, 2014, 2nd ed. 2015:
This book presents the description of the development from a small tropical harbor City into a “City in a garden”. Vegetation makes it possible – Singapore becomes a role model for the increasing tropical Cities around the globe! The author Phua Yok Tan has many years own experience in developing the guidelines, programs, and researches.
Detail from current green roof research in Neubrandenburg:

Infrared measurements in tropical nights: Example: 3rd of August 2013, 4 am morning: In the front detail of the green roof. Background: heat island of campus buildings.

Release October 2012: Rudolf Müller Verlag: Details

20 years after “Dach- und Fassadenbegrünung” now this publication presents the “ state of the art in Greening building technologies“, edited by Manfred Köhler (available October – 2012), (co-authors are: Wolfgang Ansel, Roland Appl, Florian Betzler, Gunter Mann, Marc Ottele, Sven Wünschmann – and with several case studies, delivered by Arthur Andrade, Thorwald Brandwein, Barbara Koenig, Lutz Peter Kremkau, Rolf Maas, Nils van Steenis, Dorthe Rømø); several technical details included.

– 2012. DIN A4. Gebunden. 250 Seiten mit 355 Abbildungen und 49 Tabellen.

– ISBN Buch: 978-3-481-02968-5.

– ISBN E-Book-PDF: 978-3-481-02969-2.