University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Dr. Manfred Koehler and his team

Research and case studies about Green infrastructure:
– Green facades/Living walls /vertical green systems (Biodiversity, urban heat island effects),
– Indoor greening,
– PV-technologies, rain water management.

What can we do for you?
-Information about green building technology? Benefits of green infrastructure? Have a look: list of publications.
-Individual presentation/consultation? Please contact me:  Koehler at,
-International cooperation – great! Let us speak about the details.

-Summer 2021: I am happy to be a visiting professor at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Doing online teaching about Green infrastructure. Thanks to the funding by the EU Social Fund an the team in Warsaw, who realized this.

Current activities


  • On 27 May WGIN is hosting the first European Green Infrastructure Day, a unique policy conference dedicated to urban #greeninfrastructure in the European Union.

Through a series of thematic panels, more than 30 speakers among industry leaders, experts, political representatives, and EU institutions officials will discuss how to tap into the multiple benefits of vegetated surfaces, focusing on their contribution to economic recovery and Europe’s climate goals. More information and registration here. It is free of charge – join!

A CALL for paper for the open-access MDPI journal
LAND is now open, see details
Blue-Green-Infrastructure in the

view of global warming
Guest editors:
Daniel Kaiser, Manfred Köhler;
You are invited to contribute with
research articles.
Deadline: End of October 2021.

-Announcement: International world-wide student competiton
Title: homebase Earth.
„Too many mirgants are seeking homes and jobs.
Traditional architecture and Green infrastructure
can be solutions for new towns.“
Three case study areas in Morocco, Ethopia,
and Bangladesh are selected for this competition.
Working groups are invited to participate.
The call will be open from End of February. The winner
groups will be announed in Summer and invited
to join the WGIC Congress Berlin in September 2021.

-Join the World Green Infrastructure Congress Berlin: September 28th to 30th 2021.

Team information:
-PDH Fellow Ms. Ensiyeh Farrokhirad from Iran /a fellow of the Univ. in Napoli Topic „Living walls in arid areas. Now nearly ready with her dissertation.

Buka fellow (Alexander v. Humboldt Foundation) Ms. Jerome Shilfa join the team from September 2020 to End of 2021, working topics: LCA of Living walls, homebase-earth competition.

Manfred Koehler’s membership: visit for more details:
BUGG, (working groups and contact person to EFB and WGIN).
EFB (European Federation of Green Roof Association)
FLL (several guideline working groups)
WGIN (President, since 2007 re-elected in June 2020)